Friday, January 8, 2016

Sailor 2025 and Talent Management, and our JO Retention Survey

In 2025, the Officers who were commissioned last May and the Sailors who recently graduated from Recruit Training Command will be at a critical point in their careers. More than ever, it’s time to prepare the battlespace and provide these shipmates an environment which supports the choice of pursuing leadership positions at sea.
In order to provide a healthy, agile, and innovative organization capable of meeting the national security challenges of the future, the Navy has introduced several “Sailor 2025 and Talent Management” initiatives. The Submarine Force fully embraces these Sailor 2025 initiatives, some of which are described below. 
  • Fleet Education Scholars Program – Four annual quotas for Submarine Officers to attend a fully funded Graduate Education program at the nation’s leading academic institutions.
  • SECNAV Tours with Industry – Four annual quotas for Submarine Officers and Enlisted personnel to spend one year at private sector companies where they can learn tremendous lessons by facing different constraints, challenges and organizational structures.
  • Meritorious Advancement Program (MAP, formerly CAP) - Codified in NAVADMIN 141/15. This new methodology better aligns MAP quotas to commands with MAP eligible Sailors, expands the program to shore commands, introduces a redistribution season, and increases the total number of quotas.
  • Career Intermission Program (CIP) – The Navy’s career timeline does not always match a service member’s professional and personal desires. Both the Navy and the individual suffer when either one is inflexible. This expanded program allows service members to create flexibility in career timing to better accommodate long-term career goals and to prevent short term detours from becoming permanent off ramps. Legislative changes are in progress to increase the cap from 40 to 400 participants. Future development will expand to include flexible benefits, CIP length, and payback options.
  • Officer Statutory Promotion Board Changes – Board processes are changing to better select based on “best and fully qualified,” independent of promotion zone and timing (e.g. removes “zone stamps” from an officer’s service record). The current plan is for implementing this in FY17 statutory boards.
  • Physical Fitness Program Update – NAVADMIN 178/15 announced changes. The Navy desires a culture of fitness, with healthy Sailors that are more productive and resilient. This program begins to shift away from a pass/fail testing mentality to one of continuous improvement of fitness. Beginning January 1st, 2016 the new policy has gone into effect.
  • Increase in Maternity Leave – ALNAV 053/15 and NAVADMIN 182/15 announced changes. The new policy grants up to 126 days of convalescent leave to a member who has given birth, as requested by the service member.

Soon, we will be promulgating a JO Retention Survey. We are currently retaining the best and the brightest of our Submarine Officers, however it has been nine years since we last conducted a JO Retention Survey and we learned a lot from that one. The purpose of the survey is not only to determine why some JOs get out of the Navy, but also to understand why our JOs are staying in. The questions have been developed to give us a sense of the factors that most influence our Officers’ career decisions. I ask that all Junior Officers on their first sea tour who have qualified in submarines take the survey, and that our Commanding Officers and Executive Officers fully support this effort. The survey will be promulgated in the coming weeks, and be given over a three month period. 

As stated in my Commander’s Intent, we achieve our success by and through our people. We must develop our people to be leaders, treat them with honesty and integrity, create an environment that promotes teaching and learning, empower their pursuit of excellence, and facilitate ways for them to work better and smarter. Attracting, developing, and retaining the best people makes ours an elite Force.
Thank you for all you do—keep charging!
J. E. Tofalo